Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Breakfast that keeps on giving!!!

How I start EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! heart emoticon 

#1 - Because otherwise I am a BREAKFAST SKIPPER. (and a night BINGER!)
#2 - Because it tastes OH SO GOOD!
#3 - Because it gives me ENERGY!
#4 - Because it satiates me and curbs my cravings!
#5 - Because it helps me reach my goals! heart emoticon

#Shakeology #VeganChocolate #addict


  1. If such a breakfast fills you with energy, then you have found the best option for yourself, but I personally prefer a more regular breakfast of oatmeal and fruit.

  2. Your breakfast looks good because I think that all nutrients and vitamins are well balanced in this cocktail.