Wednesday, February 11, 2015

PASSION PROJECT: 28 Days to RE(ignite your INNER light!)

Passion Project: 

"Make the rest of your life, the Best of your life!"

Ever feel like you have a CALLING on your life --- like you are DIFFERENT?  MADE for MORE?!

My entire life I heard this little voice inside me whisper, "Someday you are going to do something GREAT with your life." --- I didn't know HOW, I didn't know WHEN, I didn't know WHAT, and as I got older I even questioned WHY I would ever think I was anything special being a child of two alcoholics, poverty bound, high school dropout, ex-lingerie model, un-wed mother... surely God wouldn't see me as anything other than what the rest of the world saw... a failure.

That is until I really came to KNOW about who GOD says I am when I surrender THAT OLD LIFE to Him. --- and when I did so, EVERYTHING changed. That WHISPER became the navigation to every decision I make, and today it leads me to this post about my newest project!

I've been blessed to grow a very successful business, literally from the GROUND, UP... and while it most definitely makes life easier to not have to worry about finances --- I am not about to take up a life on "Easy-Street" and simply count my blessings... I want to make my blessings COUNT in the lives of others by paying forward all I can to as MANY as I can.

So what is the PASSION PROJECT?

It's a COMBINATION of 4 of thee most important aspects of success in my life: 

- FREEDOM (Financial & Time)
- FRIENDS (with like-minded goals & aspirations that will support & encourage you)

In 28 Days we will dive into our stories, replacing pain with PURPOSE, discover how to not only dream, but turn those dreams into GOALS with ACTION to help you make them a reality. We will focus on connecting to others through sharing your journey and how to break down the walls of the ONE thing holding you back from living your BEST life... You.

This is NOT for the person looking for the path of least resistance. It's for that person who knows about that whisper I was referring to above... because they too have heard it... and they are willing and READY to do the WORK -- from the INSIDE, OUT to discover, uncover, and/or recover the PASSION & PURPOSE in their life. 

To be considered, please complete the application below: 

(*not accepting current coaches at this time, but will be running a group for you in the near future*) 


Some testimonials given on grad day: 


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  2. Does this offer exclude current coaches?

  3. Love to see God included on a site. dont here of much here on the net. Google seems to be the big G most places. lol. anyways thanks for that.

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