Friday, August 4, 2017

Back to School = Back to YOU!

YOU GUYS!!! I have this GUT feeling that I am not the only one on the STRUGGLE BUS that needs to get back at it once the SCHOOL BUS carts away the kids once again! Haha! Ok... so my child doesn't even take the bus, but you know what I mean!

These final few weeks of Summer have wrecked havoc on my fitness goals and I legitimately have to go on a family vaca with one of the fittest mommas I know in approximately ONE MONTH... So time is of the essence! (see pic below!) You see what I mean... right?! GAH. #itsGOtime

OK, so it's GO time and I need the accountability & support of my Summer Frump Friends! Hahaha! We are in this TOGETHER for 3 solid weeks of kicking our own booties into GEAR!

The GOOD NEW IS... I know the WAY! I know nutrition and fitness plans that get FAST RESULTS in a HEALTHY way!!! SO have no fear there... The SOLUTION to our probs is already laid out and ready to go...

The key now is to STOP the procrastination and get STARTED!!! At the end of the day, WE DESERVE to feel confident in our own skin and that happens when we carve out time to take care of ourselves and fuel our bodies RIGHT!

If you would like to be a part of my BACK TO SCHOOL, back to YOU SQUAD, complete the application below & I'll send you the details to kick this baby into gear! Our FINE FALL BODS are CALLING!!! We've got this!!!


Monday, June 26, 2017

Join our Fit into SUMMER Squad

K... So I had a little brainstorming sesh (with myself! haha) and was thinking... Hmm, WHAT ARE MY CHALLENGES right now with sticking to my guns when it comes to reaching my health & fitness goals?
Well, #1 - I feel like my entire schedule has been thrown off ever since school ended for kids last month!
#2 - We have been traveling! Now that I have a school age child, our travel bug has to be semi-contained until the summer months! Haha!
#3 - Lots of GET TOGETHERS when drinks and food galore!
& to be totally honest... I just kinda wanna have FUNNNNN and not be so darn strict with things! Haha!
and well, I don't think I am ALONE with the above challenges & temptations!!! SO, why not tailor a group to our current situation and work on getting the BEST of BOTH WORLDS?!?!
I think we can reach our goals and sip a skinny cocktail on the beach too! (My version of having cake & eating it too!) haha!
I've decided to launch this little month long shindig the week AFTER next to avoid starting on 4th of July weekend (cause, yea, no explanation needed! ;-) Haha!) If you are interested in possibly joining -- complete this quick app and I'll shoot you all of the deets!

Monday, April 24, 2017


This is post for ALL those out there who QUESTION if YOU have what it takes to succeed… 

It's for those who wonder if their PAST will define and determine their FUTURE…

It's meant for the person out there who feels like ALL of the odds are stacked against them… THEY know WHY they want their dreams, but have no clue HOW they will make them happen…

It's for the UNDERDOGS, the OUTCASTS, the LONERS, the DREAMERS, the BLACK SHEEP, and the people out there who feel like NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM.

I am here to tell you that I felt ALL of those same feelings… I was and am a normal girl who had BIG DREAMS sown into my soul that NO ONE else understood or really supported… and EVERYTHING about my past said there was NO WAY I would succeed if I pursued those dreams…

But yet, that still, small voice in my head kept whispering that ONE DAY I would achieve things greater than even I could imagine if I only trusted God to take control and set my crooked path, straight.

In 2010, after losing EVERYTHING monetary to bankruptcy, I fell to my knees and gave God FULL control, I stopped listening to the opinions of others… and stopped trying to explain my dreams… I ejected the tape in my mind that constantly played all the reasons why I wasn't GOOD ENOUGH… and I set forth on a path my heart said I was meant for… in that time, I have faced MANY a failure… I have had people hurt and disappoint me, I've fallen to my knees and considered turning around and going back to what is comfortable many times… but through it all, I leaned on God and He always provided enough for me to keep going.

Today, I have a responsibility… it is my PURPOSE to get as many people to realize THEIR PURPOSE and then have the GUTS to pursue it! I sit here looking at these pictures of a little girl who knew all along she was made for much more than average, but somewhere along the way, she had FEAR implanted in her by those who didn't SEE what she saw… and it held her back from God's purpose for her life for far too long…

I KNOW, like I know, like I KNOW that YOU are called to GREATNESS and a purpose that will blow your mind with it's IMPACT on the world around you… if only you dare to take the first steps in faith and let God take the reigns from there! <3


Saturday, January 7, 2017

STOP the MOM Judgement Cycle!

Can we talk about MOM-JUDGEMENT for a sec?!

It is BY FAR the thing that gets under my skin the MOST right now!

Listen peeps: There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between wanting to offer someone advice out of love based on your own experiences and criticizing someone because the way they choose to do it is not the way YOU would choose to do it.

A.) If you have tips that you think the person would find helpful or even questions or concerns about the way they choose to do something -- DON'T POST IT PUBLICLY where it will come across as CRITICISM, respectfully PRIVATE message them! To ME, that is the difference between sharing your experience and trying to educate vs self-righteous lecturing to SHAME someone.

B.) Remember, this is SOCIAL MEDIA -- You are only seeing but a snippet of someone's life! You know but 1/20th of the story and why someone makes the parenting choices they do! Don't be so quick to assume you know the other 95% of the story by making up your own version!

C.) TREAT OTHERS HOW {YOU} WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!!! Come on mommies... aren't WE the ones who are supposed to be passing on and PREACHING this GOLDEN RULE??? Can we not give each other some grace, a little bit of the benefit of the doubt??? You know... assume we LOVE our children just as much as the next mom and are all just trying to do our BEST with the cards we've been dealt?


If you want to publicly breast feed your kid till they are 5...
or if you decide not to breast feed at all...

If you co-sleep until your children are teenagers...
or if you put them in a crib from the time they come home from the hospital...

If you give birth at your home using a doula all natural...
or if you get an epidural at 2 centimeters...
or If you have a c-section...

If you snap back right after having your baby... or if it takes you a decade...

If you soothe your baby skin to skin or in a swing... or with essential oils... or in a techie bassinet ;-)

If you decide to cloth diaper or use an organic brand or if you use an off-brand generic that makes them easier to afford...

If you decide to be a stay at home mom or if you have to put your infant in childcare to provide for your family...

There is FAR TOO MUCH that we as mommies can find in COMMON, one being the UNWAVERING LOVE we have for our children & the other being the experience of knowing just how CHALLENGING it is to play the role of MOM no matter HOW you choose to do so, to be focused on criticizing the few things we decide to do differently!

You wanna know what I think is the MOST IMPORTANT part of being a GREAT mom??? MODELING the behavior we'd like for our children to display as adults! Showing them BY EXAMPLE how to treat others with respect, give GRACE, exemplify what it means to build others up and add value to society! THAT is what THIS momma is focused on --- Who is with me?!

Friday, December 9, 2016

FAQs of The Ultimate RESET & my POSTPARTUM rebound!

FAQs of The Ultimate RESET & my POSTPARTUM rebound!

GUYS! I am SO excited to share some answers to questions I've been receiving since starting the Ultimate Reset on December 1st as a way to kick-off my postpartum journey towards reclaiming my PRE-BABY body (& honestly, even MORE important -- get my hormones and health back in order after enduring all of the craziness that comes with carrying a baby for 9 months!)

As much as I would LOVE to be able to answer every single question sent by each specific individual, at the end of the day, I am only a couple of weeks postpartum and have a newborn in tow pretty much all day, er'day! lol! So this FAQ is my attempt to be able to get you the answers you are looking for! I hope it helps! 

*If you have a question that is NOT answered, feel free to message me at*

Here we goooooo!

What IS The Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is the all-natural alternative to harsh "cleanses" and starvation diets that helps return your body to optimal health—naturally. It helps to restore your energy, support a healthy mood & maximize your health with a combination of supplements and a set meal plan that incorporates the use of fresh fruits, vegetables and other whole foods. There are THREE phases, each phase slowly cuts out animal proteins, grains, and dairy to give your body the opportunity to heal and return to its peak state!

I have personally completed it 4 times over the past 4 years and make it a point to do once per year because of all of the benefits that come along with it!

Can you do the Ultimate Reset while PREGNANT?

I was advised by the creator of the Ultimate Reset that it is NOT safe to do while pregnant. Your body is undergoing SO MANY changes already! Best to wait until AFTER! :)

Can you do the Ultimate Reset while breast feeding?

I am not the end all authority on whether or not doing the U.R. is a good option for YOU, however after doing lots of research and reaching out to one of the creators of the Ultimate Reset for advice on how I could complete it safely, I decided to personally do the Ultimate Reset while breast feeding, however if you decide to give it a go, there are important modifications that you need to implement in order to make it safe for your little one AND keep your milk supply up in the process.

#1 - There are multiple ALL-NATURAL supplements you take while doing the Ultimate Reset. I am taking all but ONE, the Detox solution you are supposed to take during week 2. Reason being, detoxing while nursing can cause those toxins to be released into your breast milk, which you obviously do not want! 

#2 - You need to add in extra calories to make up for the approximate 500 extra calories that breast feeding burns per day to keep your milk supply plentiful. Again, I am no lactation specialist, so I cannot tell you for a FACT that your supply will neither increase or decrease while doing the Reset. I am just sharing what I am personally doing during MY journey -- and 9 days in, has worked great! 


For the MOST part I have added in extra calories through consuming larger portions & adding a banana and scoop of all-natural fresh pressed peanut butter to my daily Shakeology, however I am making it a point to LISTEN TO MY BODY! Some days I am EXTRA hungry and need to add in additional snacks, which I pull from the approved food list for each phase listed in the meal plan guide included with the program.

What do meals on the Ultimate Reset look like?

Here are a few pictures of some of the meals to give you an idea! :)

Is the Ultimate Reset hard?

I am going to be COMPLETELY forthright with you, it IS challenging! It takes 3 weeks of complete commitment. You WILL have to take the time to MEAL PREP. You will have to be willing to SAY NO to temptations along the way... and you will need to have the discipline to forego eating out, the willingness to try new things, and the focus to know WHY it will be worth it for you to stick it out! 

Here's the thing... It's THREE WEEKS guys! Sure, you have to make sacrifices, but the results are SO worth it! I mean, think about it... I am doing this during the HOLIDAY SEASON -- AKA -- TEMPTATIONS GALORE! Haha! If I can do it, YOU can do it! ;-)

My Week One Results

Where can I purchase the Ultimate Reset?

You can purchase the complete Ultimate Reset kit HERE!

Want EXTRA SUPPORT while going through your Ultimate Reset journey?! Request to join this group: Lindsay's Ultimate Reset Support Group

Have other questions? Write me at or

Friday, November 18, 2016

Get BACK in the PICTURE Holiday Challenge!

LADIEEEEES, let's get REAL for a sec... How many of you are GUILTY of AVOIDING the camera during holidays of the past because you just didn't feel good in your own skin?

I've seen and heard it all from my friends when it comes to ducking out of life because of putting themselves and their health on the back-burner... and yes, I've even been there MYSELF. It's the reason I look back at photos when my daughter was a newborn and I'm not IN any of them! (which is totally unfortunate in my opinion!)

MY MISSION this holiday season is to get YOU BACK IN THE PICTURE!

I want my mommy friends posting proudly with their kiddos Christmas morning, I want to see pics on facebook of you attending your hubby's company Christmas party feeling like the belle of the ball! I want holiday pictures of the entire fam, not just the kids -- & you know what, I even want YOU feeling confident enough to ROCK SELFIES with a big ole smile, knowing that you GIFTED yourself the time to invest in becoming a better, happier, healthier version of yourself!

Look, I am about to have a BABY this coming week... I get that coming up with YOU TIME is a challenge, especially this time of year... but let's be REAL here... we have 24 hours in each day -- A workout FROM HOME takes 30 minutes. That is 1/48th (or 2%) of your day! I am willing to bet you could give up a TV show and fit it in if it's important to you!

I will be on the journey WITH YOU this time around, working to make progress towards getting back to my PRE-BABY bod slowly, but surely! So we are in this TOGETHER! :)

If you want to make it your mission to get BACK in the picture by Christmas --- complete this application to be considered:

Fill out my online form.

Monday, September 26, 2016

RISE UP: Faith. Fitness. Friendship.

Are YOU ready to RISE UP?!

It's my goal that this group meet people where they are at and help them discover the TRUTH about who God says they are and then have the COURAGE to RISE UP and live life as THAT GIRL. True FREEDOM found thru FAITH, FITNESS, and FRIENDSHIP!

If you are interested in learning more about this private mentorship group and would like to be considered for this initial test group, please request to join through the link below!

Fill out my online form.