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I've received lots of requests to do a FAV THINGS list when it comes to NEWBORN BABY ESSENTIALS, and seeing as how I've had not one, but TWO babies in a 2 year period... I thought, ya know... I do have some hands on experience now to give solid advice! Haha!

I talked it out with my hubs last night and we came up with a list of 15 things we are SOOOOOO thrilled we invested in and linked them all below to help future parents know WHAT'S UP! Hope it helps!

#1 - Mumbelli Baby Sleeper/lounger: $129
Guys, this thing has been LIFE for our fam! Both of our girls (prior to Liam) suffered from TERRIBLE acid reflux issues... and I cannot say FOR SURE that this bed is what cause Liam not to suffer, but the reason I chose it in place of the VERY POPULAR Doc-a-tot is because it comes with a wedge insert that helps elevate the baby a bit to aide in the prevention of reflux. (& trust me when I say, you want to avoid acid reflux at ALL COSTS!)

The bed is super comfy for baby and has an adjustable strap insert that allows for the bed to comfortably sleep your newborn as he or she grows! He is 11 weeks and still chilling it in :)

#2 - Soft Tile Foam Play Mat: $120
OK, so I realize you can get a play mat for less, but you guys... once your baby is a couple months old this thing is out ALL THE TIME, so unless you have a designated playroom where you don't have to see it... having a PRETTY play mat is WELL worth it! My 21 month old still plays on ours DAILY (& it doubles as a very comfortable workout mat for us! haha! Don't worry, we sanitize after!) This is the mat we have! It's well made, super cute & pretty darn durable!

#3 - Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier: $159
This item has single handedly changed my life with Liam! With having Madi just 18 months earlier, I had pretty much GIVEN UP on baby wearing! The two I had were SO uncomfortable and even though it was convenient to have both hands free, I could only wear him for 15-20 minutes before my shoulders were KILLING ME! That is, until I had someone recommend the TULA, and late one night while on Amazon I decided to give it a go! UMM... I cannot express how SHOCKED I've been at how much WE BOTH LOVE IT! It is the KEY to getting him to fall asleep or relax if he's upset and it's the only way I get anything done with having a babe that loooooves to be held and snuggled! Haha! We both get the best of BOTH worlds now! :)

#4 - Love to Dream Swaddles: $29.95
We call this our SQUIRREL SUIT because they look like little flying squirrels with them on, haha! Beyond the fact that these swaddles are super CUTE, they have been a FAV of both Madi & Liam because they can have their hands up while still being tightly swaddled so that they don't wake from their startle reflex! We buy them as shower gifts all of the time!

#5 - Burts Bees Pajamas: $12.95
Whoever keeps making these button or snap pajamas OBVIOUSLY does NOT have any kids, because seriously, ain't NOBODY got time for THAT... no matter HOW cute the print! These are our absolute FAV PJs for both boys and girls from newborn to 12 months! They are SOFT, have a GREAT fit to them, stylish prints available and MOST importantly, they are ZIPPER PJs!!! You honestly don't need to buy anything else from newborn to 3 months if you want to keep it simple!

#6 - Nanit Baby Monitor: $270.99
We now have two of these (one for each baby) and I love that I can view everything from my cell phone and not have to worry about carrying around a monitor! It's also nice when traveling or away from the house, because I get notifications when they are put to bed and can watch them sleep! The only thing that would be on my WISH LIST with this one is that they would allow for split screen to have BOTH babies up at once rather than having to click a drop down to choose the one I want to see... BUT, other than that, we love it! Great camera image, push notifications and dependability.

#7 - Carter's Baby Clothing Sets: $69.99 for 15pc set (to much much less!)
After having these two babes back to back I've realized that until your baby is 6mo + there really is NO USE in buying anything but Burts Bees Jammies or Carter's baby clothing sets! They spit up on everything and grow like WEEDS! Why waste money (unless there is a photoshoot going down! haha!) Carter's has definitely stepped it up with the cute patterns they have available and the quality is pretty solid for the price you pay! I've been thoroughly impressed and highly recommend!

#8 - Little Bipsy Clothing Boutique: CODE: Linds15 for 15% off!
Speaking of photoshoot ready... This boutique has thee MOST ADORABLE fashion for boys I have yet to come across!B We don't dress him in it daily... but when we want to turn him into a little show stopper... we slip him into one of their pieces and homeboy is stopping the ladies in their tracks! I loved their stuff so much that I contacted the company to see if I could get a discount code for you and they obliged! YAY! (CODE: Linds15)

#9 - Baby Night Light: $15.95
I realize it may seem ODD to have a simple NIGHT LIGHT a part of my TOP 10 items for our newborn, but this little gift from my bestie, Amanda, happens to be the gift that keeps on giving! Not only is it adorable, but the light is adjustable and does not need to be plugged in! SO you can move the light around with you & press and hold to adjust to the perfect amount of light for nighttime feedings and diaper changes! Bright enough for you to see baby, but dim enough not to wake them more than need be to get the job DONE! #WINNING

#10 - BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss: $249.99
OK, lemme be honest, when I first found this item online it was during a DESPERATE phase of discontentment with Madi at about 4 months old. She was struggling with reflux, hated to be strapped into ANYTHING and had me pulling out my hair to try and find some sort of life balance! (AKA - I was desperate and would try anything) I remember seeing the price of thing bouncer and thinking, "WHYYY would this be so expensive? It looks so BASIC!" (but like I said, I was DESPERATE, so I gave it a go anyway) -- and it IS BASIC, but also BASICALLY AMAZING! lol! She loved it and would stay content in it while I worked at my home desk and bounced her softly with my foot! Hallelujah! We just brought it out for Liam and he seems to love it as well!
(ADD ON that we love: This Playtime Stroller Arch that can clamp onto anything *including the bouncer* and provide them stimulation and amusement!)

This list could go on and on, because we have lots of FAVS we have found along the way, but when it comes to babies from NEWBORN to 6 months, these were my TOP PICKS for more regular use! Hope they help! If you decide to try one, share your thoughts and experience with me (& OTHERS!) Us mommas have to be each other's SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT and rather than pointing fingers at what we may not do "right" or "alike", let's instead share what's WORKING and HELPING US in hopes it helps another momma as well! #TOGETHERweareBETTER

*Some of the links above are affiliate links & I can earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if purchased, however ALL of the above listed are products I use regularly and am absolutely passionate about & was not paid to promote! :) I will ONLY ever share things I use and love.*

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