Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Couples Love Dare Challenge (this FEB!)

What if THIS Valentines day, instead of heart shaped chocolates or over-priced flowers, you were gifted something so much more sustaining and LIFE-GIVING! An opportunity to commit alongside your partner to spending the entire month of February being INTENTIONAL about three key areas in your life: Your HEALTH, your FAITH & the opportunity to create INTENTION around CONNECTING with your partner on a DAILY basis.

As parents of THREE (2 of which are two and under) we know how FAST the days fly by and how quickly we can lose track around how much QUALITY time we are spending together & before we know it, a disconnect in our communication leads to frustration and resentment that inevitably pulls us apart from being the POWER COUPLE we feel CALLED to be!

Listen, we are doing this challenge just as much for ourselves as we are for YOU, so we are by no means GURUS, but we have worked together for the past 7 years and have been in a relationship for nearly 11 and I speak for both of us here, but I believe we are in the BEST part of our marriage TODAY, not because we are perfect and have it all together, but because we've learned to be intentional about communicating our desires and needs as well as keep God at the center of every decision we make!

We would love for you to consider locking arms and jumping in WITH US all FEB to connect with other like-minded and growth-oriented couples, as well as zero in on EACH OTHER and growing as the POWER HOUSE team you were designed to become! You in? Drop your deets in the application below to be considered!


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