Saturday, February 7, 2015


I walked this beach today with my family --- the same beach I used to walk many early mornings 4 years ago when I initially lost my 1st home to foreclosure and had to move into a small apartment that a friend agreed to rent to me at a discount... the same beach that I would sit on in prayer, asking God to USE ME! Take the pain, disappointment, heartache and failures in my life and make them ALL worth while!

Being there again took me back to that place where there was so much uncertainty, fear and desperation. GOSH. I just didn't know if I was cut out for success... WHO WAS I to lead others...

THEN I REALIZED... I didn't have to worry about MY qualifications --- I wasn't cutting the path in the first place... God was. He constantly reassured me that He didn't call the qualified, He qualified the called and ALL I needed to do was remain humble, obedient and willing to WORK... and He would do the rest.

As we walked that beach today, ALL of God's work SHINED in front of me... my once sick premature baby, now a healthy 5 year old skipping off in front of me... my fears of failure, now washed away by unimaginable blessings of success...

It made my heart sink and sing at the same time... SINK, because I know there are SO MANY women out there still in that place I was 4 years ago... and SING, because I KNOW I have the opportunity to continue to stay humble, obedient and willing to work so that I can help them experience this same transformation!

I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my walk throughout these past 4 years. It's been a WILD, truly BLESSED ride & it's been an HONOR to share it with so many of you! heart emoticon #loveyou heart emoticon


  1. It's good that during such a difficult life situation you were able to pull yourself together and solve this problem, thereby proving that you can overcome a lot.

  2. Everyone who is faced with such a moment should wait a bit and weigh the pros and cons of further actions that need to be taken in the future.