Saturday, February 7, 2015

30,000+ Coach Mark!!!

OMGeeeeeeee! Just refreshed my Coach Office and BAM! There it was... 30 THOUSAND + BOMBSHELL DYNASTY COACHES OFFICIALLY!!!

GAH! What a MIND-BLOWING moment to realize that without a single coach placed below me... My team and I were able to build a DYNASTY of our very own that has now grown to tens of thousands of people ALL working towards living life by design and positively impacting the world around them! heart emoticon

I wanted to include pics of my daughter and I because SHE was my WHY in the early days when the going was TOUGH, very low-paying, and very time consuming. It was building a secure future for HER that motivated me to keep pushing forward, ignore the nay-sayers, and follow my heart!

To every member of this team, I send a HUGE VIRTUAL HUG to you today! I am so proud of you, whether you have simply taken the first step and are just getting started... or whether you are a top 10 coach, now leading thousands yourself! What you do matters and makes a difference in more lives than you yet realize. KEEP PRESSING FORWARD and believing that your dreams are possible! heart emoticon

Where do we go from here?

We continue pressing forward, getting BETTER, and using the momentum that we have to impact thousands more lives! The work we do is a labor of love and changed lives! I could not imagine doing anything else! heart emoticon #30THOUSANDSTRONG#TOGETHERweareBETTER#BombshellDynasty


  1. You will be an example for your daughter, in fact, despite the fact that others did not believe in you, you did not give up and were able to reach such a level of development.

  2. Your daughter is your hope and a great incentive to move forward and conquer new heights and goals that seemed unreal.