Saturday, February 7, 2015


I want to share two SIMPLE ways to save MONEY and shed pounds... ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

First is something that has been a GAME CHANGER in my own life and I know it can be the same in some of yours! 

SIMPLY PUT, cut out all the beverage costs! Gourmet coffees, sodas, teas, etc... and stick to good ole fashioned H20! Not only are most of those beverages PACKED with sugar, artificial flavors, aspartame, and/or calories... but they take a toll on your wallet overtime!

IN FACT, if you were to ONLY have 1 soda a day (while out to eat) your cost over a years time is nearly $1,000! <--- Think about how much DEBT you could pay off or the piece of mind you would have with an extra grand in your emergency fund! --- Not to mention, one regular 24oz coke a day = 102,200 extra calories in a year!!!

NEXT UP: I know those of you who work in an office setting are subject to all kinds of temptation to eat out at places like Panera Bread, Chipotle, etc... where an average salad or sandwich costs $8... but that convenience comes at a PRICE, both to your bank account and often times your waistline! (Shoot, just take a look at the calories next time you stand in line at Panera! #SHOCKING)

INSTEAD, prepare your lunch at home (and buy in bulk for even more savings) or cut down even more TIME and replace your lunch with Shakeology and bring along some other simple healthy snacks for in between! BOTH bringing your lunch from home and Shakeology cost less than $4.50 per meal and will save you over $20 a week ($950 over the course of a YEAR!) -- OH, and you will know exactly how many calories you are taking in (and I am willing to BET it will be much less than eating out!)

Just these TWO simple things can save your thousands and get you well on your way towards your goal to lead a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER life!! heart emoticon

For more ways to track your spending and cut the FAT from your budget, check out! It pulls your spending straight from your bank accounts and simplifies budgeting so that YOU can be in control of building a financially FREE future! heart emoticon

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