Sunday, July 28, 2013

ME against MYSELF!

I see SO MANY people wasting SO MUCH TIME looking around and comparing themselves to others, watching what they are doing, worrying about how they stack up, if they are playing fair, etc… and ya know, I used to do the SAME THING!
Anyone who knows me AT ALL, knows I am ONE COMPETITIVE GIRL! I love competition. In fact, I would go so far as to say I THRIVE off of it! I have come to a place in my life where I’ve realized I have NO COMPETITION with anyone outside of MYSELF. When I am PUSHING towards a goal or a part of a contest, it’s not about beating others, it’s about seeing what Iam capable of and beating my OWN personal best.
CHALLENGERS: Comparing your results to the results of others is a waste of your time. I quit P90X four times before I succeeded. Do you know what made me quit those first 4 times? I was frustrated that I couldn’t keep up with the people in the video! I was depressed because I was SO out of shape that the WARM UP had me on the floor, out of breath! You know how I finally SUCCEEDED? I put my EGO aside and decided to be OKAY with where I was at. EACH WEEK, I BEAT my personal record. If in the first week I could only complete 10 minutes, then the next week I would push for 15-20. Little by little, I progressed and 45 days in I was keeping up with those people in the videos and achieving LIFE-CHANGING results!
COACHES: Worrying about KEEPING UP with the pace of others is a waste of your time and energy! So WHAT, someone signed on at the same time as you and is already diamond and you are not quite an emerald? Does that make you a failure? NO! Let me explain WHY. We all come into this business at a different places in our lives. Some sign up before they complete a program themselves, while others sign up after they’ve already had a transformation and built a following. Though they might have the exact same SIGN UP DATE, is it fair to compare the business progression of the two? Absolutely NOT! As long as you are setting goals for yourself that push you outside of your comfort zone and cause you to grow consistently, you need not worry about what others do… unless it is to be inspired by and/or learn from their success.
I believe if we all spent a little LESS time looking around and worrying about what others are doing… and a little MORE TIME focused on our OWN GOALS and beating our own personal BEST… We’d see a WHOLE LOT MORE transformations and SUCCESS STORIES emerge!
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