Sunday, July 28, 2013

God dreams BIGGER dreams for you than you can dream for YOURSELF!

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Oh, these two younginz…they didn’t know what God had in store for them!
This picture was taken nearly five years ago when William Hodges and I first started dating. We didn’t know at the moment this picture was taken that just a month later I would find out I was pregnant, and then just seven months after that, I would give birth to our child eight weeks prematurely. Sadly, she suffered a grade 3 of 4 brain bleed.
We did not yet know how STRONG we were. We didn’t know how much we would need each other’s support or how much debt we were about to get ourselves into.
We also did not yet understand that God had dreamed BIGGER DREAMS for us than we had previously dreamed for ourselves.. We didn’t understand that He was going to turn all of the trials into TRIUMPHS. Additionally, we didn’t know that He was going to let me fall down to my knees so that He could show me what is possible with Him by my side.
I didn’t realize how AMAZING of a man I had by my side: that he would be the first one to believe in me and my dreams. Even when I felt I had NOTHING LEFT, He would still want to be right by my side.
We didn’t know about Beachbody or even P90X, and how they would come to take ourMISFORTUNES in life and turn us into some of the most fortunate people I know.
We didn’t yet realize how BLESSED we were. How everything we had ever gone through and would go through soon after, would one day MAKE SENSE!
Today we are a little older, a lot wiser, and more in love than EVER!

Look at these babes!

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