Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mother/Daughter Challenge Starting November 1st!

Have a daughter between 8 & 14? If so, read below:
The biggest motivator in my LIFE was bringing this girl into the world. She awakened something within me that I had forgotten was there. A fierce determination that I would NOT have my life's poor choices become her very undeserved life circumstances. .
Hard to believe, but 8 years have passed by and she is inching closer and closer to being MY SIZE in everything from shoes to height! Hormones have her copping the occasional attitude & pushing boundaries and I can tell she is beginning to go from little girl to BIG GIRL FASTER than I may want to admit! .
We've always had an incredible bond and I definitely want to KEEP it that way throughout the pre-teen to teen years -- there are so many important things I wish I had known or focused on at her age & beyond that I want to gift her with! One of those is the habit of taking care of herself & establishing the belief that exercise is FUN, eating healthy can be DELICIOUS & makes you feel GREAT, and the way you talk to yourself and treat others can change EVERYTHING about your future! .
CONFIDENCE. I want her to know her WORTH, to understand the power of WORDS, to respect the body God has given her, to be KIND to herself and others, to be someone who ENCOURAGES others to become their best by actively do so herself!
For this reason... I have decided to make NOVEMBER the month that I do something that I've never ever done before -- I am going to CO-LEAD a private group WITH my DAUGHTER -- for my mom friends who have {{daughters}} between the ages of 8-14 years of age that will focus on JUST THAT -- and BEST OF ALL, we will rock it out TOGETHER, right alongside them to lead them by our very own example!
If you would be interested in more details complete the app below!


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