Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Apply to Join Lindsay's Fall Mentorship Group!

After years of personal and business development, the one common denominator they all suggest:

"Find someone who is doing life how YOU would like to be... and model them!"

The other thing they suggest is when you are able to do this successfully, reach behind you and help pay that blessing on to OTHERS who are trying to do the SAME!

THAT is where this opportunity comes in!

I've been blessed to have worked and achieved so many of the goals I set for myself years ago that TODAY my greatest joy (beyond being a momma and a wife) is helping OTHERS who are where I once started to do the SAME in THIER lives!

At this point in my career it's important that I find and work with those who share similar beliefs, passion, interests & goals... So to be considered to become one of those I personally mentor, please read what I am looking for below & complete the application if you feel you meet that description!


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