Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Start Living with PASSION this Summer!

Ever hear that still small whisper that says, "YOU are MADE FOR MORE!"?

That the life you are living was a product of a "settlement" you made somewhere along the line. Sure, you are BLESSED, but there is something MISSING... and you just can't quite put your finger on it!

THAT was ME back in 2010. I was 25 years old & a new mom to a beautiful little girl named London that happened to barge her way into the world 2 months premature of her due date with a severe brain bleed -- which triggered the beginning of a financial hurricane that would transcend any of my capabilities to hold it all together any longer! 

It was in the eye of that storm that I made a decision that FOREVER changed my life. I decided that I needed something MORE than I was personally capable of... I needed a savior. I needed God. Now, this wasn't EASY for me to admit... as I did NOT grow up in a Christian home and though I believed there was a God, I had never connected to anything I read in the bible (the few times that actually happened) and the church experiences I had left me less than enticed to return! 

BUT -- I couldn't ignore the calling on my heart & I didn't have the energy to continue to pretend everything was okay. 

Since that day of SURRENDER (giving God FULL creative control of my life) my life has done a 180. Not only was my daughter's brain bleed completely resolved (today she is a healthy 8 year old!) but I found a career coaching other women that helped me not only become debt free, but has given me the opportunity to travel the world, yet work from home... be PRESENT in my family's lives & yet have a life of significance! I live life by GOD'S design without limitations! I've come to find it is MY PURPOSE & PASSION to pay this FREEDOM FORWARD and help other women go on a similar journey I did back in 2010!

is my vessel to do just THAT!

It's a small group (held privately on Facebook) where women who have that same calling on their heart can join together in community, draw a line in the sand & begin to take the steps necessary to create their own LIFE BY DESIGN by pursuing their God-sized Dream!

This is a MIND-BODY-SPIRIT kind of group! We focus on:

FAITH (an INCREDIBLE book is involved)
FITNESS (Don't worry, we have options for ALL levels & it can be done FROM HOME!)
FRIENDSHIP (You will be connected to new, like-minded women!)
FREEDOM (We will focus on breaking negative habits & mindsets that are not serving you!)

To be considered for this next group, complete the application below!

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