Monday, June 26, 2017

Join our Fit into SUMMER Squad

K... So I had a little brainstorming sesh (with myself! haha) and was thinking... Hmm, WHAT ARE MY CHALLENGES right now with sticking to my guns when it comes to reaching my health & fitness goals?
Well, #1 - I feel like my entire schedule has been thrown off ever since school ended for kids last month!
#2 - We have been traveling! Now that I have a school age child, our travel bug has to be semi-contained until the summer months! Haha!
#3 - Lots of GET TOGETHERS when drinks and food galore!
& to be totally honest... I just kinda wanna have FUNNNNN and not be so darn strict with things! Haha!
and well, I don't think I am ALONE with the above challenges & temptations!!! SO, why not tailor a group to our current situation and work on getting the BEST of BOTH WORLDS?!?!
I think we can reach our goals and sip a skinny cocktail on the beach too! (My version of having cake & eating it too!) haha!
I've decided to launch this little month long shindig the week AFTER next to avoid starting on 4th of July weekend (cause, yea, no explanation needed! ;-) Haha!) If you are interested in possibly joining -- complete this quick app and I'll shoot you all of the deets!

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