Friday, November 18, 2016

Get BACK in the PICTURE Holiday Challenge!

LADIEEEEES, let's get REAL for a sec... How many of you are GUILTY of AVOIDING the camera during holidays of the past because you just didn't feel good in your own skin?

I've seen and heard it all from my friends when it comes to ducking out of life because of putting themselves and their health on the back-burner... and yes, I've even been there MYSELF. It's the reason I look back at photos when my daughter was a newborn and I'm not IN any of them! (which is totally unfortunate in my opinion!)

MY MISSION this holiday season is to get YOU BACK IN THE PICTURE!

I want my mommy friends posting proudly with their kiddos Christmas morning, I want to see pics on facebook of you attending your hubby's company Christmas party feeling like the belle of the ball! I want holiday pictures of the entire fam, not just the kids -- & you know what, I even want YOU feeling confident enough to ROCK SELFIES with a big ole smile, knowing that you GIFTED yourself the time to invest in becoming a better, happier, healthier version of yourself!

Look, I am about to have a BABY this coming week... I get that coming up with YOU TIME is a challenge, especially this time of year... but let's be REAL here... we have 24 hours in each day -- A workout FROM HOME takes 30 minutes. That is 1/48th (or 2%) of your day! I am willing to bet you could give up a TV show and fit it in if it's important to you!

I will be on the journey WITH YOU this time around, working to make progress towards getting back to my PRE-BABY bod slowly, but surely! So we are in this TOGETHER! :)

If you want to make it your mission to get BACK in the picture by Christmas --- complete this application to be considered:

Fill out my online form.

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